KEEP FULL: This is the program that most of our customers have chosen and the delivery method that we recommend. When you are a member of our Keep Full program, Thornton's Gas Service monitors your propane use and makes sure you always have propane when you need it. Keep Full helps ensure you never experience an undesirable out-of-gas situation.
We have a computer system that predicts your usage based on your historical fills, a high and low temperature each day, your appliances that run on propane, and the number of people in your household. For this reason we do ask that you let us know if you've had any lifestyle changes that could alter your energy use. These types of changes would include adding a propane-powered appliance, having a baby, extended house guests, pool heater, etc. Call Thornton's Gas at (530)656-2485 to enroll in our free Keep Full program and forget about running out of propane!
As a member of our Keep Full program we also attempt to fill your propane tank in the most cost effective manner for our customers. We will top your propane tank off in the summer months when we feel prices are at their lowest (this is an educated guess and not a guarantee of the lowest price). Depending on your usage we may refill your tank in November before the expected winter price increases take full effect. We will keep the tank full through the winter as necessary and repeat the process again as the expected summer price decreases take effect.

ONCE or TWICE-A-YEAR FILL: This program is used by our customers who can make it through a typical winter without needing more propane deliveries. Using this delivery method Thornton's will fill your propane tank in the summer when we feel prices are at their lowest (this is an educated guess and not a guarantee of the lowest price). We will not stop and check your tank percentage or make another delivery unless requested by you. This eliminates the need for you to continually call and check the pricing in the summer months and puts your trust in our three generations of propane expertise to call the bottom on pricing.

WILL CALL: This is the least used and our least favorite delivery method. However, If you prefer to have complete control of your propane deliveries, this is the delivery method for you. This requires the most work on your part to monitor your tank percentage and call Thorntons when your tank gauge reads approximately 20%. This will ensure that your delivery can be made in a timely manner to avoid a potentially hazardous out-of-gas situation and the added fees that come with an emergency delivery to a Will Call out-of-gas customer. We will only deliver when you call for a delivery and need this 20% buffer as we may not be in your area for up to 3 working days. You may call at any time to switch to the free Keep Full delivery system.

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