Payment Options
We offer a variety of Propane
Payment Programs to best fit your needs.

With the ups and downs of propane costs, we can help you ease the stress of next winter's propane purchases.

EZ Pay Plan

If more control over energy spending sounds appealing, enroll in our EZ Pay Plan. Thornton's Gas Service calculates your annual propane usage and spreads this amount into 12 lower monthly payments. EZ Pay helps make payment of your propane bills a whole lot easier. This worry-free payment option provides you with Keep Full delivery service so you'll never worry about running out of propane. No special trip charges for out of gas service and you always get our "fill up price". Payments are interest free as long as Budget payments are made on time. Enrollment for this plan is in April. Please contact Shari if you are interested in this payment option.
Pay As You Go

Thornton's Gas customers who wish to pay for their gas as it is delivered will receive a delivery ticket. Payments are due in 30 days.

Credit Card Payment

You can make payments with your Credit Card. Just give us a call if you would to take advantage of this convenient option.

Split Your Bill Into Payments

We are happy to split your propane fill into payments as long as it is paid off before your next delivery. :)

If you are having trouble paying your bill you can contact HEAP for assistance at