Thornton's Gas has been installing propane tanks, running propane lines and regulators, and supplying propane for agricultural pumps for years.  With the recent surge in ag pumps due to propane pricing and the Air Resource Board requirement restricting the use of diesel pumps, we have started specific programs for servicing summer time usage ag pumps. These programs have helped us secure better pricing for the propane used in summer months and have allowed us to do the installations typically at no charge.  We stock all of the items needed for getting these ag pumps up and running in the shortest time possible.  We install a propane tank sending unit on all of our ag pump propane tanks so that we can ensure that the tanks never run out of propane.

Propane ag pumps have grown in popularity because they are helping meet Air Resource requirements while at the same time saving the farmer some money.  Propane motors typically cost much less than their diesel equivalent, however, their expected life cycle is shorter.  The savings in fuel costs over diesel will more than offset this shorter life cycle

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