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Why Thornton's Gas Service?

☺ No Contracts

☺ No Hazmat Fees

☺ No Regulatory Fees

☺ No Fuel Surcharges

☺ No Delivery Fees

☺ No Hidden Fees

These fees are not government required fees and you shouldn't be paying them!!!!!!!

regular 250 gallon delivered price
     $  2.23

Why others have chosen and stayed with Thornton's Gas Service

1.     Low competitive pricing without gimmicks
2.     Deliveries made on time with consideration to time of year and pricing
3.     A perfect safety record since our inception in 1955
4.     No cost switchovers to Thornton's Gas Service
5.     No Contracts -  we keep you as a customer with our service and pricing 6.    We are full service -- we do repairs, plumbing, and even solar installations
7.    We treat all our customers like friends and neighbors

**250 tank top off price.  Price will vary if you have a smaller sized propane tank or specify an amount less than 200 gallons.  All customers pay the same price based on tank size. Larger tanks will have a LOWER price**  :-)
Contractor License # 922761

How easy is it to become a Thornton's customer?

Click the link below or give our office a call at (530)656-2485 and we can usually set you up the next day

Be sure the pricing and information you are getting is not just a one time new customer special that comes with a contract attached that will cost you much much more in the long run!!!!!
****Important propane shopping tip****

Set up includes:

Free delivery and tank set. 
Free pump out of existing propane into newly set Thorntons Gas tank
Free Gas Check™ safety inspection  (thorough leak check)
First year tank lease only $5  (future years vary with tank size)
Free Keep full service with predictive tank monitoring

Office hours
Monday - Friday      8:00-5:00
Weekends              By appointment only

Thornton's Gas Service
Providing Propane For Over 50 Years

   In case of emergency call:
 PERS  - 1-800-633-8253 

        *Not for delivery requests*

(530) 656-2485